Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
© Bee Wu Tang 2020 - all rights reserved

The Dark Warrior

Dao ke dao, fei chang dao
ming ke ming, fei chang ming

rythmn of the prayer
power of the words
is the energy
for the dark warrior
canting inscence
black smoke
covering the way
covering the mountains
hiding sight
making people blind
to keep the secrets
safe from
the destroyers
hating truth
thinking they are light

In the darkest prisons sit
the brokenhearted desperate
the people who have dived
into their own darkness
and sunk to ground
not maintaining smile and mask
unable anymore to cheat themselves
as the smoke
is spreading heavy
the walls of jails are disappering
and they begin to move

they see
the warrior and his black smoke
as shining light

leading them
to the entrance of a cave
on their way to the center
signs are coming off the walls
going through them
they are cleaned from any darkness
until becoming transparent
in the cave there is a pond
where they are gathering
they wait
the water is playing
building forms and lights
the ambience is deeply ceremonial