Bee Wu Tang is a creator visualising the world of matter, mind & spirit on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called BEEcode.
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Smoke You For my NecroTang

She is grey
so in part black and white
But neither good nor evil

Silence is her virtue
no cry reaches her ear
neither of joy or pain

Dust is her body
of beginings and endings
and yet she's nothing of those

Ash is her soul
for it is made out of burned Illusions
of hope and despair

She will be risen by the wind
for a moment or an aeon
but eventually settle down

a quite cloud and a fearful averlange
She will have no mercy for the poor
nor wrath for greedy

because she's black and white
But neither good nor evil
She is grey

© poetry: Akio Daisuke