Bee Wu Tang is an artist visualising the universe on the basis of using singular calligraphy signs called Beecode.
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Bee Wu Tang


the Bee.

... on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN ... I wish to do my part to let it be so. I practice the talent that is given to me to let it grow and develop and I want to share this with you. I hope it lifts you up and encourages you, when you look at my artworks or read my poetry.

What is Intuitive Calligraphy? What is BEEcode?

I define my way of intuitive calligraphy as to write disconnected from thinking. Let the hand alone move, while pulling signs from the emptyness beyond words.

For me it means not to use classic signs and words that have a given meaning in a language on earth already and can be repeated and combined on wish of the author as a text understandable with the mind.

Now the interesting thing is that the BEEcode is not meaningless. Read more »

BEEcode - Intuitive Calligraphy - Videos