Saturn - Kronos

is associated with the old teacher, hard work, discipline, bitter eating, slowness, depression, density, gravity, oppression, negativity, restriction, limitation, structure, rules, regulations, energetic blocks, refinement etc.

Facing our fears might turn the limitations to our greatest strenghts.

Saturn orbits around the Sun once every 29.4 Earth years. Hopefully it won't take me that long to set up a new website presenting more work. To see a few works please scroll further down this page.

Some work by Bee Wu Tang

Northstar Guardian


Bee Daoist


know your drive
at space there is no gravity
unless you do create
no earthly move
will take you
past your planets street address
fractal rhythm breakbeat
of the 7 star stick
long pole

Wu Tang Pillars

Me Trinity

why I don't get done things, but still it is a beautiful life

Lü Dong Bin

Guan Yin

Magoi travelling by astral ship

Way down we go